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British Herb Trade Association
Linc Up

Harrington Hall Farm
Little Marsh Lane
Fleet, Spalding, Lincs
PE12 8NW

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Harrington Hall

Our Product Range

Extensive range of culinary varieties (80+), available from January to October – 9cm and 1 litre production.

Garden Pinks
20 varieties available from January to October – grown in 9cm pots.

Scent First Dianthus
Available in 8 varieties sold in flower from January to August – superb scent, 1 litre pot.

Soft Fruit
Bush and cane fruit available January to April in a 2 litre pot with a large ‘Lockin’ label.

Available January to May - grown in a 9cm covered pot.

Range of Bloom and Spray Chrysanthemums grown in a 9cm pot – available April & May.

Hardy Patio
Range of hardy patio lines sold from July to October – in 9cm pots, 40 varieties.

Sweet Peas
Range of colours and types, highly scented, grown in a 9cm pot -available March to May.

Herb Production

Herb Production

1 Litre_Scent_First

1 Litre Scent First


9cm Basil

Niche Lines
See weekly availability on our web site for extra lines and ranges that we produce throughout the year.